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Ways To Save More Money

Need a little push to get your 

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Saving isn’t something that comes easy. If it were then so many people be broke. Find out why you are struggling to save.



Be Money Smart

Other Ways To Save


For so many people, taking the first step to creating an emergency fund could be the very beginning of achieving your financial freedom. Ready to give it a try?

target 1

There is a secret to Targets clearance codes that very few people know about. Come find out what their secret is!

Unrecognizable woman checking a long grocery receipt leaning to a full shopping cart at store.

How to save money on groceries, isn't that something we all want to know?! With that being said in order to maximize our savings every month we have to cut back on some expenses. Right now we are more determined than ever to get our grocery bill down.

Top view of a make up bag, with cosmetic beauty products spilling out onto a  pink background.

I do not feel that you need to be wearing makeup to feel beautiful, however, you can’t deny it is fun to do up your make up! With that said though oftentimes makeup comes with a hefty price tag, so I am going to share with you some of my best tips for saving money on your makeup!

young sad adult woman showing cracked phone

In life, we are handed unexpected circumstances that require funds at a moments notice. Plain and simple sinking funds can be a lifesaver, here's why.

Summer sale shopping concept, Colorful background with various bright color children's women's clothes, glasses, sneakers, hat. Copy space flat lay, for banners, top view

I have been thrown off my budget a number of times by something that I have seen and had to have, have you? Well, it is likely that you have! Here's how to prevent it.

Rear view of mother and son sitting on the edge of the swimming pool: family vacation concept

Travelling is expensive but it is still something than many people want to experience and this list of travel websites below will help you get to where you want to go by helping you seek out the best deals you find to make your travelling dreams a reality.

saving money on clothes

Spending thousands of your hard-earned money on clothing just seems ridiculous to me. By creating yourself a clothing budget as a first step you will b well on your way to kick bad spending habits to the curb.


Money Saving Apps

Rest assured I have done a whole lotta digging into the app that so many people love. I have researched and I have tested and I am going to share with you all of my findings. I’m laying it all out for you! Are you ready? Cause we sure are!

There are many benefits of using Checkout 51. They have cashback offers on a variety of items you would usually buy at the grocery store. Items could be anywhere from soap, toiletries, and, well of course food. I know how big of a role Checkout 51 plays in my monthly savings and I strongly urge you to start getting yourself the same savings.

Trim is an app that is also known as Asktrim or Trim Savings. Just like many other tools out there that promise to save you money quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly, Trim does just that. But the question that many have is, is it really that easy.  Many people shy away from thinking it is too good to be true that you can sign up and let Trim start being your personal finance assistant. 

Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) is a completely FREE app and website that claims to provide its users with a so-called “simple and hassle-free way to save money on your everyday purchases that you frequently buy”. Does that not sound like an amazing opportunity? it too good to actually be true? Let’s find out. 

If you have not yet heard of Caddle, let me explain, this is a money saving app for Canadians, yes, you read that right, Caddle is only available in Canada. Basically the app gives you the opportunity to save money AND earn money at the same time.

The feeling of going shopping for something, only to realize a few days later the item you bought has gone on a crazy sale or has had a major price-drop. When this happens you can feel completely shafted and like you were cheated, but really? What can you actually do about it? I’m glad you asked because situations such as this is exactly what Paribus is for.