Sarah Titus: How She Made $3,760,766 On Shopify Last Year

Are you looking for a way to ditch your 9-5, but maintain your same income, or exceed it? I’m here to tell you that it is possible, and better yet, it is possible by displaying your creative side selling printables on Shopify. 

Simple easy to make printables have the ability to earn you thousands monthly.

The top bloggers in the industry have paved a path for us and are taking us by the hand showing us how we can change our lives too by selling printables online.

Lucky enough for me I had the extreme pleasure of being introduced to Sarah Titus’ course The Top 13 Things To Sell In Shopify (that make the most money) at a fraction of its value (it sells for $497). I purchased the BC stack for about $50 and honestly, I am so grateful that it introduced me to the Sarah, she is a Shopify wiz!

Ever since I started blogging I have wanted to incorporate a Shopify store as a way to make money from the Printables I am creating. Another motivating factor to starting an online Shopify store is the major success I have seen other bloggers having with theirs. 

However, before I implement anything into my online business I am extremely careful and diligent to first do careful research before making any major decisions. I wouldn’t want to make a poor choice because of not having all of the necessary facts. 

So I did my research!

And I decided to move forward, I really wanted to learn more about how I could increase my blogs income passively with the use of online printables in my Shopify store.

I don’t have to tell you again that I love passive income opportunities, and if you do too, then you should consider opening up your own Shopify store.

How did I learn to make printables? 

That was Sarah Titus, and her awesome courses.

I was sure I wanted to make money with Printables, but I still wanted to learn more about how to monetize simple easy to make Printables. 

Behind my wanting to know how to create printables, I really wanted to learn how Sarah was able to achieve and maintain her great success, and I thought others might as well know as too.

So I interviewed Sarah herself! Yes, you read that right! 

I will be sharing my interview with Sarah below, it will cover:

  • Why Sarah made the choice to start an online Shopify store.
  • How she markets and promotes her online business and online Shopify store.
  • What other products she has for sale to earn such an amazing profit. 
  • How she was able to earn 2 million dollars through her online store selling printables. 

But that is not all, we will also cover much more you will want to know.

This is your chance! If you are doubting if you should start an online Shopify store now is your opportunity to learn even more about how you can earn a real full-time income by selling Printables. 


Sarah Titus went from a homeless single mother to a successful business owner who now earns herself over $2 million per year. She has a ridiculous amount of passion for showing women they can be a stay at home mom and still earn a full-time income or better.

As of writing this post Sarah has been blogging on her website for over 6 years. However, she has well over 20 years of experience with eCommerce and LOVES showing people just like you and me how she built her success because she is a firm believer that if she could do, then anyone has the ability to build a profitable online business selling Printables. 

Who knows, owning an online Shopify store could be the next big thing for you and your family!

She is a true role model for moms wanting to start their blogs not as a hobby, but with the intent for their blog to be their business. And for it to turn into a real way for them to earn a fantastic (and realistic) full-time income while allowing them to be at home with their kids. She has dedicated her career to teaching her passion of selling Printables to others.

The Interview

Question #1

What were the biggest lessons you learned in your first year selling printables and growing your online business?

I think the biggest lesson I learned is the power of a digital product. I’ve sold physical products for 21 years, and network marketing for an essential oils company for over 7 years, so I errantly thought that physical products were the only way to make money. 

Selling printables really made me realize that I can create something from nothing and it’ll sell. Once I understood that, I mean, the possibilities are limitless. 

Now I’m creating courses on how to sell printables, how to create printables, how to set up a Shopify store, how to start a successful blog, etc. and even that is going REALLY, REALLY well. I started teaching these things 9 months ago and already hit 7-figures just in courses alone, not counting my printables sales!

There’s so much power in digital products and I had no idea.

Question #2

How do you market and promote your online business to leverage the success your store gets?

There are a bazillion and one ways to market a store, that’s for sure. 😊 For me, I stick with what works best according to my personality. I love to give free stuff away. So really, it’s just about giving someone something that is really valuable (like a 100+ page printable binder) and then they get on my email list to get that valuable thing. 

After that, it’s about nurturing and building relationships and getting to know my audience on a personal level. Getting to know their needs and desires, and then creating the binders and products that suit those needs. Giving them one free binder each month gets them to the store. They see other stuff and buy. They leave reviews and others come along and buy. 

I don’t focus on sales so much, just meeting needs. When you are truly meeting needs, you’ll make the income easily, and you can do that in any way you want.


Question #3

If you spoke to a friend wanting to follow in your footsteps to reach the same level of success as you, what words of wisdom would you give? 

Yep. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. People start businesses and quit because it gets too hard, they get bored, or they just don’t see results. I had one girl email me telling me she started her blog a week ago and hasn’t made a dime yet and wants to quit. 

Wait…what? A week? I didn’t start making really good money in blogging till I was in it around $2k invested and about 1,320 hours into it over the course of 12 months. 

People want success overnight. But if we GOT success overnight, we’d get prideful and become a jerk. It HAS TO BE a slow and gradual thing. We have to be patient. We have to build and keep building, always telling ourselves that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

So knowing that, we have to know what we’re getting into. This is building a future for the long haul, not a quick get rich overnight scheme. Be willing to do the work and grow accordingly.


Question #4

What would you do differently if you were starting a new online business in 2020? 

I would have sold digital products sooner (check out the 13 Best Printables To Sell On Shopify). I was scared and didn’t know binders would sell. I thought that I couldn’t sell courses because others were and what’s the point. But when I started selling digital products, both printables and courses, I flew. I starting hitting 7-figure years and it’s been amazing. Truly life-changing. 

While I wouldn’t have started when I was brand new. After about two years, I could have started selling, but I didn’t end up starting until I was blogging for four years because of my own limiting beliefs. 

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something. At least try. Then if you can’t, you can’t, but it’s based on real results, not fear. 😊 

Are you ready to set up your shop? Allow me to show you how I made my Shopify store the success it is. Here’s how!

Not sure how to create simple pretty printable people actually want to buy? Not a problem! Sarah will walk you through exactly how to create printables! Check it out!

Oh, Man! How do you feel about printables now?

Sarah is such a sweet and people first person. If you are on her email list then you know just how many printables she gives away, and free info on how to be the most successful you.

You can grab her Daily Planner Binder for free here or you can join her Binder of The Month Club here. Either way, you will be receiving a ton of free products and insight.


About Brianne Dietrich.

I am an online businesses owner and personal finance fanatic. My goal is to help simplify your finances, help you crush your debt, and learn to budget effectively so you can free up time to spend time with your family and do more of the things you love.

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